Powerlifting @ CERN

Welcome to the home page of the Powerlifting @ CERN. The CERN Powerlifting is a section of the CERN Fitness Club, and therefore it shares the same "Statuts du Club Fitness du CERN".

Make sure you read and follow the Gym Guidelines (aka Rules). Please pay special attention:
2. If classes are taking place, please do not enter/train on the green/grey floor area, but stick to the rubber, black mats. Always use the stairs and raised platform to go from one end of the hall to the other if classes are taking place.

15. In case of any abuse in the use of CERN Fitness Club facilities, the CERN Fitness Club may, at its sole discretion, end your right to access CERN Fitness Club facilities and activities at any time, with immediate effect.
Read the FAQ section below as well.
Do all the reading (the information below and at the links) before you contact us.
If you asked us a question and didn't get a response, chances are high that your question has been already answered a while ago in the FAQ section on this site.
Powerlifting is a strength sport, which is simple as 1-2-3 and efficient.

The "1-2-3" are the three basic lifts (bench press, squat and deadlift) which involve most muscles of your body. The essence of the powerlifting training is "don't look strong, be strong." Even for those who are not looking to specialise in powerlifting, strength training combined with general fitness classes is an effective calories-burning activity as this combination boosts the metabolism. Tools (free weights and "the big three" lifts) don't change, but weights and number of sets and repetitions do change a lot, thus redefining a strength conditioning strategy depending on your needs.

Powerlifting as a sport requires many things, including physical strength, speed, stamina, and skill. We have a high quality professional equipment and advanced (yes, when we say "advanced" we mean it) knowledge in strength training, and we will be happy to share this with you - join the section, and explore your potential :)

Questions? Ask The Powerlifting Admins.

What's available in the gym Click here
How to become a member of the powerlifting gym (follow the instructions below step by step - if you don't, the procedure might take much longer):
1) Read and agree with the privacy notice
2) Here is the disclaimer you will need to read/sign/upload to CERNBox (CERNBox folder is protected so other members can't see your upload) - put a note "for Powerlifting@CERN" on the bottom of the page under your signature
3) Pay for the gym:
One month: 30 CHF. This is the minimum payment and includes the registration fee. Members who would like to join for less than one month will need to pay 30 CHF as well.
3 months 60 CHF
6 months 100 CHF
1 year: 150 CHF
Please transfer the amount to the CERN Fitness Club account (put "for Powerlifting@CERN"):
Account: 279-287931.01J
IBAN: CH33 0027 9279 2879 3101 J
(any bank transfer should work including Revolut. Some foreign banks might replace the above BIC with this one: UBSWCHZH12B which is also valid (it's a generic Geneva UBS BIC, the BIC above is a generic Swiss UBS BIC)
4) Upload proof of payment to same CERNBox
5) Send an email to The Powerlifting Admins AND fitness.club@cern.ch with activity:powerlifting, duration, confirm transfer of proof of payment and disclaimer to the CERNBox and you acknowledge the CERN Fitness Data Privacy notice: Data Privacy notice
If you register for the first time please also send us your CERN account name to activate your account in the booking system. After your account is activated you will receive an instruction how to request access to the room in the EDH.
Allow 5 business days for a response (please be patient -- it usually takes much faster, but the gym management team is quite busy with their day-time jobs).
6) Book your slots in the booking system. You must book your training slots before you do your workout.
7) Go to the gym and work out (make sure you follow the guidelines!)
Gym Guidelines are available here
In case if you have urgent questions / issues, call

Access is permitted via the direct entrance (so that you don't need to pass through the general fitness room to get to the powerlifting room).

The gym is located in building 216 R-003. If the door lock is broken (which never happend yet), pass through the general fitness / conference room area (R-001) and then through the changing area (R-202). Here is the plan (pdf) of the buliding.

Q: Does a powerlifting section fee include the fitness club membership?
A: Yes

Q: I am external to CERN/do not have a CERN card can I still join the gym?
A: Yes you can. But you need to pay for minimum of a year, however, before paying please send an email to : The Powerlifting Admins and wait response since we need to see if you can get access to CERN first.

Q: Can I visit the gym and have a tryout session?
A: Yes, as long as you inform us about date/time (at least 48h in advance), send us a signed disclaimer (see here), and you must be accompanied by a person who knows what to do etc (and we need to know who this person is). You can not visit the gym for a tryout session unless we explicitly give our permission.

Q: Will someone clean after me, put all the weights back, put the incline bench back etc?
A: No. You should do it: put the weights / incline bench / dumbbells etc back and wipe off the bench after you used it.

Q: I prefer weights / machines / benches to be arranged differently. Can I do it?
A: No. However, you can contact us and let's see if those potential new arrangements are good.

Q: Does my contract include also all the fitness club benefits such as the discount prices for the sport shops as they are shown on the fitness club web page?
A: Yes. If you want to benefit from the reductions at GO Sport, you will need to state that you are a member of the CERN fitness club - and show your CERN access card - this gives -15% off fitness related equipment and -10% off other stuff. For Athleticum, we will need to have send a list of members to the shop of the new members and have them create special discount cards for them (so it is slightly more time consuming - plan accordingly)

Q: Can you help me to find a training partner?
A: Just come to the gym and start working out. If you don't find a training partner yourself we will help you out (but first start working out)

Q: What time is the gym open?
A: 24 / 7 (i.e. it is open all the time) as long as everyone follows the RULES.

Q: Can I leave and keep windows / doors open?
A: No, you can not.

Q: Can I leave weights on bars or weights lying around or any other mess?
A: No, you can not. It is YOUR responsibility to take care of these things - the only a person to clean after you is YOU.

Q: What happens if I break something accidentally?
A: Please contact us so it can be fixed (read the Rules).

Q: How do you know if I broke something?
A: We have a video surveillance system. If you broke equipment and didn't report it back to us, chances are good that we will be able to identify you (read the Rules to see what consequences will be).